About Me

My Mission

Explore the World – Bring it closer to YOU

My mission is simple – explore the world, create content and deliver it to you! I want to show you how beautiful our planet is. Inspire you to go out there yourself, discover, learn and experience… in other words – ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

My way of being

Always moving forward

I have never been someone who can be content with not moving forward,, always wanting to learn and grow as a human being. Whatever I set myself to do I want to do it the best I can, before that used to be soccer (or football if you prefer it that way), now it’s travel and content creation.

My Story

I never really talk about my background or my “story”, so let me summarize it here. 
I like to put my life into two chapters :
1. Soccer
2. Youtube
Let me clear it right away why. The first chapter is from birth to about 21 years old, the second from 21st Birthday till…. who knows, it’s still being written!When I was 7, I joined a soccer team in Poland, called Hutnik Kraków and ever since that, it was pretty much all of my life. All the way to my 21st birthday, I would practice anywhere from 5 times a week to 10+ times a week (not counting in matches). My life would often look like this: wake up – practice – school – practical – home, and then repeats it everyday pretty much. I like to believe that my work ethic comes from that, sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days, but you always get ready and go to the practice. If you were to ask me, just a couple years ago, what I will be doing when I grow up or what my goal in life is, I would answer to be a professional soccer player! With time I found myself feeling that the whole thing is not how it should be, that even though I might still enjoy the sport I don’t enjoy what comes with it, the battles that come off the pitch, players getting ahead of others because they know someone who knows someone…. You know what I am talking about, but that’s a topic for another time. (I have played with some amazing guys, that never got anywhere because they didn’t have the connections.) I made a decision, quit soccer and, pursue something else I enjoy doing, and have recently discovered how I could make it work… 

From there starts Chapter 2,

This chapter starts on my 21st birthday, that’s also the start of my YouTube channel. If I had to summarize this one in just two words, I would say “travel” and “filmmaking”, basically two passions fused into one. I have always been on YouTube in some shape or form, such as gaming videos. But once I saw that there is a possibility to connect the two things I enjoy doing, there was no going back!  I can honnestly say that I love doing what I am doing right now, and enjoy every single minute of it, traveling, filming and editing. There was one more thing that started during my first chapter,, but was still going while chapter two started, I was still a soccer coach. I didn’t mention that before, but I am a certified soccer coach, but since this summer (2019) I am no longer working with any teams. I’m still going to renew my certificates but my main goal is and will be my passion, which is content creation ! 

Some random fun facts : I have attended to 6 schools (from elementary to high school) and played in 6 teams  (3 of them I have been to multiple times, so you could say 9 teams).