our Journey

Chapter six

croatia - Part II

After a full year, it was time to head to Croatia once again! 
This time we visited new places like – Split (a marvelous harbour city with ancient ruins of palace build for Roman emperor Diocletian) and Krka National Park ( which is filled with waterfalls and breathtaking natural landscapes. We also got to swim in the water in front of the one of the main attraction – Skradinski Buk waterfall).  Once again we stayed in Primosten and this time we had an underwater camera thus a lot of time we have spend with taking cool shots. As you can see it was our second time in Croatia together and you can expect to see Croatia next year again.  For us the trips to Croatia are not mainly for travel and sightseeing, but to chill out, lay on beach and rest before we get back to “normal” life in Kraków.  

Chapter five


Ohh Valencia, such a hidden gem… (and it would be better if it stays that way). 
For both of us Valencia turned out to be much, much more than we expected! We loved every second of that trip, and because we could focus on just one city this time it felt as if we had been there for more than a week (especially compared to our trip to Malta). Valencia has much to offer taking into consideration not only things like : BioParc, Oceanografico and Ciudad de las Artes as a whole, but even just wondering around the city will bring you a huge variety of experiences. After visiting two spanish regions, we both agree that the spanish themes are very attractive to us. We would definitely love to see more spanish cities and return to Valencia one day!

Chapter Four


The moment we were waiting for, our first trip of summer 2019. The idea to visit this country came up when we received a “Malta Travel Guide” booklet during christmas. Malta has been one of the most sunshine filled placed we have ever seen. All the buildings were very bright, as well as the landscape.
Such a small area, but it is filled with beautiful coastlines, monuments, nature, landscapes and cities. Apart from Malta, there is heaven on Earth, called Blue Lagoon on the island of Camino. It has crystal clear turquoise water with the softest sand we have ever felt.

Chapter Three


Never would we have guessed that we will end up in Athens, this soon in our travel journey. 
The Ancient World was at our doorstep! This was our first adventure in 2019. Even tho it was in February we caught some sunshine and warm weather. (At this time it was snowing and very cold in Poland) The city has so much to offer, especially for historic lovers. We discovered the ancient greek world with the well known Acropolis.  Apart from  it, we visited many ancient ruins and beautiful landmarks. Additionally we ate amazing greek food which we fell in love with typical greek dish – gyro. Athens might also just be the capital of ….. the cat world. One day we counted 54 cats in just a few hours of being outside.

Chapter Two


A place Ewczix has been to more times then I can count…. well not literally but you know what I mean!
Croatia was a huge surprise for me, it was totally nothing like I expected. We enjoyed every second of that trip, and it was my first time being on a “real” vacation, two weeks and just us, the beach and the sun. We have been travelling through Dalmatia in Croatia and visited charming cities across the coastline including: Zadar ( the city is marvelous but the trip was cut short because it started to rain… but for that reason we got to eat pizza!) , Trogir (with a beautiful old town. We made there cool photos with palm trees.),  Sibenik ( astonishing paths heading above the city – the unexpected and surprising location! ) and our home base – Primosten. (You will find one of my drone photo of Primosten below !) 

Chapter One


Where it all begins.
Tenerife was our first go at travelling and making content. I think both of us never expected Tenerife to be this beautiful and unique! The Tenerife captivated us with it’s diversified landscapes ,sceneries. and weather changes depending on location. We found there Teide Volcano, enchanting rural park of Anaga with mystery vibes, black beaches, unique cities and european Machu Picchu – Masca. We were on the Tenerife for eleven days and we maximize our time on site seeing because of this astonishing nature of the island. We have made there remarkable memories.
We often look back at this trip, and always end up saying that we need to return here one day.